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You are here! Ultimate Peace and Disc:

A strong driver of this blog is something that seems to be a recurrent fact in the global ultimate disc community. We ran the show based on volunteers, at least in Australia, and there are tones of people who would love to be able to make a life and a living out of ultimate.  Many ultimate players, either social or professional ones, fall in the category of addicts to the sport and are eager to see it growing quickly. Unfortunately, I think that volunteer based actions can only take the sport so far. The issue is, we don't want the ultimate spirit of the sport and the community to be completely wrecked  with the introduction of financial contributions. But it is a step necessary that can help to take the sport towards a more professional status. So here it is the challenge!!! How can we do that?? My focus is on exploring how us, within the ultimate community, can create, capture and exchange tangible and intangible value. I have a specific line of interest which focuses this question on a biological perspective: how would cells go about this value creation in ultimate disc business?? The question is one I'm exploring from different perspectives where ultimate disc is one of them, and is one that I hope would take us to more efficient, balanced and productive projects and businesses.  

This blog is about exploring the possibilities...and about ultimate disc ideas, experiences and projects in my life.

New Economics For Humanity: 

Why is money an obstacle rather than a catalyst?? At the root of why we feel we can't do things is very often "lack of money". It's scarcity is to blame for greed, wars, corruption, slow research developments, slow actions, slow decisions, wrong decisions, underdevelopment, hanger. Is it money the problem?? I argue it is not. It is our relationship with and the systems we brought to life to create and put in circulation that money that are the issues. But if we created them, then we can create new ones again. Ones that make sense, that don't feed on your life and depend on your surrender of enjoyment and purpose. Why work is usually a cause of stress, frustration and feeling of lack of meaning and purpose? If nothing grows forever (just look around and imagine that growing...forever), why is our economy dependent on infinite grow? I'm not against grow, but nature has cycles, needs cycles and therefore welcomes cycles. Accepting cycles and the changes that come with them means being able to evolve. I argue that accepting cycles and changes is not enough: Creating change, rather than waiting for change to come is key to evolution. Not necessarily scientific evolution of species...evolution of concepts, strategies, ideas, projects.

In trying to answer my question (How would humans create, capture and exchange tangible and intangible value if we were to the earth, what cells are to our bodies?) I want to explore the use of business models within both geographically local communities and communities of interest (virtual, sports...). If community groups and associations of all kinds bring value to their community, whether they know it or not, can they be looked at as businesses, and could their proposals being considered startups?? If a business model is defined as >>>> is a community group or association aware of their role?

I hope that my exploration of ideas to implement in my local community serve as inspiration for you to jump in the water and explore as well. There is no way to fail since I'm not trying to win, I'm just in a long life path of learning. There is no way to fail learning...even if I try not to, I'll always learn. 

Love: The Verb

What is God? where is it? does it exist? If according to (most??) mainstream religious teachings "we're right, they're wrong, we have the truth and they are going to hell"...then are we all going to hell?? Am I destined to share the earth with people who God doesn't like?? Is that really what God thinks?? Can a Christian like and love a non-Christian?? what about an atheist?? what if God took Hitler to heaven?? Does that annoy you?? Are we made to God's image and likeness or is He made to ours??

If there is a topic that brings heated debates is that about religion and spirituality. It is however critical in my life. After being brought up as a Catholic and having avoided any contact with any church for a long time, my decision to keep a personal relationship with God regardless of religious traditions and popular ideologies, finally took me to get the courage to say that I am a Christian and I love the world. I don't care who you think you are, in the deep sense of life, you're life and that's what counts to me. In the shallow levels there might be differences in believes that take us in different and maybe opposite paths, we may decide not talk to each other ever again, but you are here, you think what you think, I accept the fact and we can share this earth. To me, that is unity. Rather than trying to homogenize and indoctrinate everybody to believe what I believe, unity is about accepting the fact that everybody thinks different and let them be. 

What would I do with "bad" people?? That and other questions have come to mind and this blog is about exploring them from the spiritual/religious perspective. The driver is still my curiosity about the question "How would humans create, capture and exchange tangible and intangible value if we were to the earth, what cells are to our bodies?". The value of spiritual and religious believes, doctrines and traditions. Everybody is welcome, the ground rule is: If you have the intention to hurt others with your words, restrain yourself from your desire of contributing until the intention of your heart overcomes that of your mind.

Holy Body!!:

Looking after myself, allowing my body to be ready to do the work it needs to do, understanding what happens inside me and feeling healthy. In the process, applying the concepts that cells use within the human body to explore the possible answers to my question (How would humans create, capture and exchange tangible and intangible value if we were to the earth, what cells are to our bodies?). That is the summary of how this blog came to be.

A triggering idea for me to start this, was that I have had very few but exciting readings about fractals. What I understand from this fractal theory, is that with only three variables in an equation, you can create shapes that repeat themselves forever. There is a series of videos available on the internet, that show the possibility of fractals being the equation of life. The images are astonishing. Then I was reading The Biology of Belief, and the idea of fractals and life strike me again. Atoms combine into elements (C, H, O, N, S, P….), combine into compounds (H2O, CH), combine into molecules (carbohydrates, vitamins, chlorophyll), combine into macromolecules (nucleic acids, proteins), combine into macromolecules assemblies (cellular membranes, ribosome, virus), combine into cells, combine into tissues, combine into organs, combine into systems, combine into organisms (animals and plants), etc,.  
If we get to know the workings of this, is it possible that we humans can consciously work like life does?? Can we make the decision to use life workings as our way to live in this planet?? I started to think then that I am very irresponsible with my body, what I feed it with and so many habits that don’t feel quite right. I’ve decided to work towards treating my body as a sacred physical expression of life that it is. To do this, I need to make more informed decisions, understand what my food contains and the consequences of what I do or I don’t do.  That way I may be closer to understand how I would work around and with other humans or cells of this planet.

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